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“Aerobic Rice Team at U.A.S, Bangalore, India”
"More Yield Per Field" With Less And Less Water...
Aerobic Rice
Aerobic Rice
Safe Environment
Soil Health
Technology for sale
The Team
Dr. Shailaja Hittalmani Rice Breeder and Molecular Geneticist and Team Leader
Dr. H V Nanjappa
Agronomist, Weed Control in Direct Seeded Rice
Dr. Ramakrishna Parama Soil Scientist, Soil Health for Aerobic Rice
Dr. Ramachandrappa K Agronomist, Water Management Specialist for Aerobic Rice
Dr. Shivamurthy Extension Specialist, Popularization and Large Scale Demonstration and Popularization
Appaji Gowda Agronomist, Farmer Participatory Selection and Evaluation of Aerobic Rice in Initial stages
Dr. Hanama Reddy Biradar Field and lab evaluation under stress of Aerobic rice, Marker validation and water use efficiency of new varieties.
Dr. Sanath Kumar Multilocation trials of aerobic rice and disease evaluation of Aerobic Rice
Dr. Jayadev Green house gas emission and environmental safety of Aerobic rice cultivation
Drs. Bhanu Deshpande and Sunanda Sharan Nutrient and Grain quality and Cooking parameters of Aerobic Rice Varieties.
Rudresh N S Aerobic Rice Selection in Farmer participatory breeding and Rice Breeder
Venkatesh Gandhi Farmers participatory and Popularization and Seed production
Dr. Srinivas Rao Mane Bioinformatics and gene mapping and data analysis
Grace Arul Selvi Molecular Breeding for Aerobic Rice
Dr. Vaishali M G QTL pyramiding and Marker Assisted Selection and geneomic regions introgression of Aerobic rice varieties
Girish T M Advancing of Generation and selection under stress
Girish T N Evaluation under stress and reproductive stress and QTL marker database
Shilpa Reddy Molecular Marker analysis for drought stress
Pavana Hiremath EST and candidate genes under drought stress for aerobic rice
Jyothi K Finger prints of Aerobic rice genotypes
Dr. Keshava Murthy Reports, publications and publicity, planning and souvenirs of Aerobic Rice
Dr. Shiva Priya Evaluation under stress at vegetative and reproductive stress